Nonduality and the Nature of Mind

Menla 375 Pantherkill Road, Phoenicia, NY

We are back to a live in-person event! This unique retreat is an exploration of the nature of mind from the nondual traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and Hindu Saiva Tantra. While based on these noble paths, the program is trans-religious, pointing out timeless truths that transcend any tradition. It is based on the radical proclamation […]

Death and the Art of Dying: The Luminous Bardo of Dharmata

Drala Mountain Center 151 Shambhala Way, Red Feather Lakes, CO

Presented by Andrew at the Drala Mountain Center August 24–31, 2022 From a spiritual perspective, death is the crowning moment of life. The karma that brought us into this life is exhausted, and the bad habits that will propel us into our next one have not yet formed. This gap (bardo) provides a golden opportunity […]