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I offer these lucid dreaming workshops as a way for students to take a deep dive into the incredible world of lucid dreaming and dream yoga. You can learn a lot from a book or podcast, but personal guidance and feedback is invaluable. Otherwise it’s like trying to learn golf, or the piano, from just a book. It’s so much better to get live instruction.

In these lucid dreaming workshops, I introduce beginners to the nocturnal meditations, and also show those already familiar with them how to go deeper. I do so through a series of talks, exercises, guided meditations, contemplations, videos, and of course lots of discussion.

What makes these programs unique is the blending of modern Western techniques — and the science that supports them — with ancient Eastern methods — and the spirituality that backs that up. It’s a broad spectrum, or integral approach, that covers every tip and trick to get you having these special dreams.

I’ve been studying and practicing these methods for decades. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. And with the feedback I’ve received from thousands of participants around the world, I continue to refine my approach based on what I hear from people who attend these programs. It’s this blending of East and West, science and spirit, theory and practice, that I believe makes these programs the most comprehensive available.

The more I study and practice these nocturnal meditations, the more excited I get about their extraordinary potential. They really do represent the pedagogy, or education, of the future. Not only psychologically, but spiritually. Remember that if you live to be ninety, you will have spent about thirty years sleeping, lost in a state of consciousness you know very little about. Don’t you want to change that? Think about how much you could learn in “night school” if you had even a few of those extra years.

Schedule of Upcoming Lucid Dreaming Workshops

Lucid Dream Yoga: The Path of Awakening Through Sleep and Dream 3-Day Workshop Lucid dreaming and dream yoga have boundless potential for rapid psychological and spiritual growth. During this program we’ll explore the science behind lucidity, how to induce lucid dreams, what to do with them, and how to transcend any obstacle. Open to all levels. February 7 - 9, 2020Nalanda WestSeattle, WA
Lucid Dream Yoga - This program provides a thorough introduction to nocturnal meditation, including its many physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits. Open to all levels.
Fri-Sun, May 8 - 10, 2020
Shambhala Mountain CenterRed Feather Lakes, CO

Virtual Reality added to the Shambala Mountain Center workshop!

Andrew Virtual Reality

I experienced VR at Naropa’s CAS lab.

I have some news to share about the upcoming lucid dreaming/dream yoga program at Shambhala Mountain Center. The practice of illusory form is closely connected to dream yoga, and virtual reality is closely connected to the practice of illusory form. Participants at the SMC event will have the opportunity to experience virtual reality, and contribute to cutting-edge scientific research on the relationship between meditation and virtual reality technology.

Participants who wish to do so will engage in two virtual reality experiences for free, and be among the first to know about exciting new findings in this field. The study will be conducted by Naropa University’s Cognitive Affective Science Lab (www.CASLaboratory.org). I had the opportunity to engage in a preview of this study, and found it most compelling. In conjunction with this study, we will discuss the relationship between virtual reality, lucid dreams, and “real” reality. Virtual reality (like lucid dreams) can either wake us up to the nature of reality, or pull us farther away into delusion. See for yourself what all the buzz is about, and why Facebook spent 2 billion dollars buying Oculus Rift.

Overview of the Workshop

In these workshops, I will show you how lucid dreaming evolves into dream yoga, and if your nocturnal education continues, into the “graduate school” of sleep yoga (maintaining consciousness in deep dreamless sleep) and even bardo yoga (using the darkness of the night to prepare for death). Participants come out of these workshops with a totally new relationship to sleep and dreams. And since “darkness” and “sleep” are code words the unconscious mind and spiritual ignorance, you will learn how to illuminate and therefore eliminate the darkness of your own mind, and wake up spiritually – just as the Buddha, the “awakened one,” did.

Why I Teach About Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga

I’ve been studying and practicing these nocturnal meditations for nearly forty years, working directly with some of the greatest masters in Tibetan Buddhism, where these meditations have been taught for centuries. I didn’t teach or write about lucid dreaming and dream yoga for several decades, because the material seemed too subtle and difficult. But with the advent of many sophisticated Western induction methods, and the publication of a host of books on the topic that seemed to pave the way, I thought it was time to share what I have been so blessed to receive.

These practices have changed my life. I continue to work with them every single night, and they continue to transform me in ways I could never have imagined. Because they work with such deep levels of mind and heart, the tectonic plates of our experience, their transformative potential is breathtaking. What you do “down there” has a tremendous effect on what happens “up here.” Also, learning how to incubate dreams has given me a source of insight I could never have dreamt of (pardon the pun). Learning how to be a surrogate dreamer, and have insightful dreams for others, has shown me how use the night to benefit others.

The Effect of these Practices is Profound

But the real inspiration behind sharing this material is to show you how these practices are not limited to what happens in the night. They affect everything. My daytime life has been radically transformed by these nighttime activities. It really is true: lucid dreaming leads to lucid living; waking up to your dreams shows you how to wake up to your life. For me it’s been a total game changer. It’s like I’ve been sitting on top of this vast reservoir of natural resources, this tremendous inner wisdom, that was previously untapped. What a waste!

These practices have shown me how to tap into these deep natural resources, and how to bring them to the surface of my life. It’s because of this direct personal experience, supported by extensive study at the feet of the greatest masters, that I have the confidence, and the genuine inspiration, to share this treasure trove of teachings with you. There’s an entire world waiting for you in the stillness of the night, a world beyond your imagination. And once you discover it, you will never be the same.

And Fun!

Finally, not only are these nocturnal practices profound, they’re also really fun! When I wake up in a dream, I’ll often start my dream yoga practice with a few minutes of (mindful) indulgence. I’ll just have a blast, flying around, doing things I just can’t do in waking reality, and then finally settle down to go to work in the classroom of the night. If I don’t have fun doing lucid dreaming, I won’t do it.

So I want to introduce you to this magical inner world, and show you the remarkable implications and applications of becoming lucid in your dreams. Because these practices have done so much for me, I now want to share them with you.

Some Topics We Will Cover

  • Dream Yoga vs. Lucid Dreaming: What’s the difference?
  • What is the nature of dreaming reality; how different is it from waking reality?
  • The science behind lucid dreaming
  • Lucid dreaming methods from beginning to advanced
  • Mind beyond body (Out of body experiences, remote viewing, etc.)
  • How meditation improves lucidity
  • Dream recall techniques and how to overcome obstacles
  • Lucid dreaming enhancement from the East and West
  • The inner yogas and how to use subtle body to work with subtle mind
  • Transforming nightmares and insomnia
  • Mixing day and night, life and death
  • What it means to accomplish lucid dreaming and dream yoga
  • A map of the mind: where we go when we sleep and dream
  • The daytime practice of Illusory Form


Below is a suggested reading list of books on lucid dreaming and dream yoga. You can also check out the various articles, podcasts and talks on this website.

Also, you can check out my book Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep

Or my 6 hour audio program, Dream Yoga: The Tibetan Path of Awakening Through Lucid Dreaming.

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