Fear, Sleep Yoga, Dreams Of Premonition, Bardo Yoga and Much More!

In this delightful interview with Robert Waggoner you’ll get a taste for why Robert is one of the leading voices of lucid dreaming in the West. For over forty years Robert has logged over 1000 lucid dreams, and the stories he shares are just amazing. This interview reveals the spirit of proper sharing, and why our discussion forum is integral to Night Club.

Robert fearlessly and generously talks about dream events that “cracked open my world,” and led him to deep psycho-spiritual growth. So much of what he shares is resonant with Buddhist dream and sleep yoga – which is noteworthy because he was not a Buddhist when he had these powerful experiences. Robert aspires to use lucid dreaming “to go beyond lucid dreaming, to discover the nature of reality.” The cast of characters he runs into in his dreams, and then in real life, will send a chill up your spine.

I think you’ll be as impressed as I was at the profundity, humility, and integrity of this wise and gentle man. Join us for this interview with Robert Waggoner, where we talk about fear, sleep yoga, zones of learning, dreams of premonition, going to the energy in your dreams, and even a dose of bardo yoga when Robert shares that in order to go deeper, “I had to agree to cease to be.”


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