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This is the most comprehensive book yet on the nocturnal meditations. Joining science and spirituality, East and West, in a full-spectrum exploration of the night, it explains how lucid dreaming develops into dream yoga, which can evolve into sleep yoga, which further develops into bardo yoga. Diving deep into the Buddhist nighttime practices, this dream yoga book will show you how to have lucid dreams and what to do with them.

Who is this dream yoga book for?

It’s for anyone interested in the thrill of waking up in their dreams, and having the time of their life in the privacy of their own mind. It’s for anyone wanting to make better use of the twenty-four hours of each day, and for those wondering what happens when they sleep and dream. It’s for intrepid pioneers interested in exploring the frontiers of consciousness, and the nature of mind and reality.

It’s for anyone interested in psychological and spiritual development, those who want to learn about the creative powers of the mind, and those who want to prepare for death. Finally, it’s for those drawn to Buddhist practice, and interested in waking up in the spiritual sense.

This may seem ambitious. But remember that if you live to be ninety years old, you’ve spent thirty of those years sleeping, and entered the dream world around half a million times. That’s a lot of time in a state of consciousness you know very little about. Don’t you want to change that? Think about how much you could learn in “night school” if you had even a few of those thirty extra years.

Dream Yoga Book: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming…
Dream Yoga Book: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming…
Andrew talks about Dream Yoga with Inspire Nation.
Dream Yoga Book: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming…
YOGABODY speaks with Andrew about Dream Yoga
Dream Yoga Book: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming…
Andrew talks about Dream Yoga with Spirituality & Health
  • Andrew Holecek’s book on dream yoga is a real treat.  It covers all of the necessary information—which is still quite new to most people, often even to Buddhists.  But it also contains numerous experiential exercises and practices—which are quite effective—so that you can directly experience these profound states for yourself.  When you do so, you will literally never be the same again, I can assure you!  Don’t miss your opportunity to realize some of the very deepest and highest of all human potentials, from a real master of these realms!

    Ken Wilber author of The Fourth Turning
  • In this work Andrew Holecek has skillfully integrated the deeply philosophical and spiritual tradition of Tibetan dream yoga with the psychological methods and insights of the modern discipline of lucid dreaming. At once profound and pragmatic, traditional and contemporary, this is a fine contribution to the growing literature on ways of exploring the nature of the mind, and its role in nature by way of awakening to our dreams.

    B. Alan Wallace author of Dreaming Yourself Awake
  • Andrew Holecek has written a very comprehensive and much needed book on the interface between lucid dreaming and dream yoga. His own long-term dharma practice and rigorous training in the western scientific tradition helps us to clearly understand the remarkable opportunities that await us each night. Dream yoga practices have been used for centuries in Tibet, leading many beings to awakening. This book will help secure this important practice in the West and introduce many to the wonders of our nocturnal meditations.

    Tsoknyi Rinpoche author of Open Heart, Open Mind
  • As Andrew writes, dream and sleep yoga are “about bringing light into the darkness of any aspect of life.” His valuable book presents a wide variety of Eastern and Western practice techniques, drawing from many authentic sources. Between his words one can sense a deep enthusiasm that comes from personal experience with the practice. This informative book will be very beneficial for dedicated dream yoga practitioners.

    Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche author of The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep
  • Andrew invites us to relate to our experience while sleeping with the same intention we bring to our spiritual path work while awake.  How can we use our dreaming, in practical and effective ways, to see through appearance and consciously participate in our most fundamental nature of awareness?  How can we become aware of awareness?  Andrew seamlessly moves from theories to practices to possible benefits and back again, all arising from his decades of personal work and study.  His writing has a wonderful transparency, an offering that's at once profound while not taking itself too seriously.  My experience of dreaming has already changed, just reading this book.

    Bruce TIft author of Already Free

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