Reverse Meditation: How to Use Your Pain and Most Difficult Emotions as the Doorway to Inner Freedom, published by Sounds True, introduces a set of practices that can revolutionize the way you relate to the difficulties of life. These meditations, never presented before, show you how to transform obstacle into opportunity. Reverse Meditation gradually prepares the ground by establishing the right view, drawing on the world’s wisdom traditions to support this unique journey. It then introduces a series of formal meditations, conjoined with brief contemplations and “meditation snacks,” that slowly expands the mind and heart of the reader to allow for the embrace of the four stages of reverse meditation proper.

The book is for anyone wanting to bring powerful emotions, and physical challenges, onto the path of psychological and spiritual growth. By putting your meditation into reverse, you will find yourself going forward. Situations that previously held you back can now accelerate your development.

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Having been a dental surgeon well versed in clinical approaches to pain, Andrew is a spiritual teacher with decades of experience in meditative approaches to hardship. Reverse Meditation offers a broad-spectrum set of methods that will enable you to relate to any unwanted experience in a liberating new light.

Reverse Meditation will challenge you, stretch you, and eventually open you to the point where any possible experience can be embraced as fuel for the path. This is a book for those who don’t want to waste a moment in life, even when that moment is bitter. The qualities nurtured through Reverse Meditation can then be used to help others who are suffering, and the world at large, during this divisive and challenging time.

“One of the most important books on meditation ever written. Reverse Meditation is a must-read, how-to manual for transforming our painful contractions into expansive freedom. Andrew Holecek masterfully adapts ancient technologies of awakening into contemporary, accessible practices of transformation, skillfully showing us how to reverse our habitual tendency to turn away from our pain and discomfort, and instead to turn toward our suffering, in order to experience the spacious freedom that abides at the heart of every moment.” — Zvi Ish-Shalom, PhD, professor of world wisdom at Naropa University and author of The Kedumah Experience: The Primordial Torah and The Path of Primordial Light: Ancient Wisdom for the Here and Now.

“Andrew has done it again! First he nudged us toward lucidity in the sleep bardo with his awesome book Dream Yoga. Then toward more lucidity in the life bardo with the even more awesome Dreams of Light. Now he brilliantly demonstrates how there need be no gaps, even when we confront the untoward, when we are jarred out of positive awareness by adversity and pain and injury, and we turn it all into advantage in his latest great work, this wonderful Reverse Meditation. I cannot recommend it highly enough, a great read and immensely useful for thriving and evolving positively in this world of obstacles.”  — Robert Thurman, Professor Emeritus, author of Wisdom is Bliss and the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Reverse Meditation is a brilliant masterpiece. Through reverse meditation we can mold ourselves into the softest, most open, yet strongest and most indestructible thing in the Universe—space itself. Nothing can hurt space! A must-read for anyone who wants to improve their life and expand their horizons. ” — Ron Garan, former NASA Astronaut, author of Floating in Darkness.

“Meditation sometimes becomes dualistic: we learn to let go of thoughts and feelings, to cultivate an empty mind. What do we lose when we split ourselves like that? What might we realize if, instead of contracting in the face of pain and other unwanted experience, we open up to them — realize our nonduality with them? Reverse Meditation shows us how to do that, and how it can transform our lives.” — David R. Loy, author of Money, Sex, War, Karma.

“Holecek encourages active attention and diligence toward disarming the harsh inner critic that can surface within; the practices and anecdotes presented in this book will provide readers with an opportunity for doing just that. His aim is to help release the tension that we can create through the fear of failure, and ease into an expansive space of open, loving awareness.” — Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness.

Andrew’s interview with Tami Simon of Sounds True about “Reverse Meditation”…