This guide takes you beyond mindfulness!

Mindfulness is everywhere these days, but what if you’re ready to explore deeper? I’m Mindful, Now What? is your roadmap to a richer meditation practice.

Here’s why you’ll love this book:

  • Goes beyond the basics: Mindfulness is just the beginning! This book shows you all the meditations that transcend mindfulness..
  • Expands your practice: Discover techniques for opening your heart, connecting with your body, and even exploring reality itself.
  • Makes it easy: Clear language, practical tools, and “meditation snacks” help you get started on new paths.
  • Transforms your life: Learn how meditation can bring more presence, kindness, and awareness into everything you do.
Meditation can be so much more than just sitting still. I’m Mindful, Now What? shows you how to unlock its full potential.

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“I’m Mindful, Now What?” dives deeper than the standard mindfulness practice you might be familiar with. Andrew shows how mindfulness is just a single thread in a much larger tradition of meditation practices that have existed for centuries.

Andrew offers a comprehensive guide that explores various aspects of meditation, like developing compassion, connecting with your body, and even exploring your dreams. He uses clear language and provides practical tools to help you build your practice. The book also addresses the limitations of mindfulness and offers “meditation snacks” – short exercises to help you explore different paths within meditation.

Andrew argues that meditation is much more than just finding peace for 20 minutes a day. With regular practice, you can cultivate a mind that’s more present, open, kind, and aware in all areas of your life

“If you want to take your practice deeper, and also learn how to apply it to a struggling and chaotic planet, you would be hard-pressed to find a better guide than Andrew.” — Dan Harris author of 10% Happier

“This book is perfect for people just beginning to explore their minds; as well as oldsters like me, who have been stumbling in the wilderness for decades.” — Adam Engle, JD; MBA; Co-founder, Chair and CEO emeritus, Mind and Life Institute

I’m Mindful, Now What? is a tour de force of the varieties of meditative experience, both in formal sitting meditation and through meditation in action for everyday life. Based on those experiences, we are offered pathways that allow us to expand mindfulness into insight, awareness, and wisdom.”– Joseph Parent, PhD, author of Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game