Dreams of Light

Dreams of Light

The Profound Daytime Practice
of Lucid Dreaming

In his previous book Dream Yoga, Andrew Holecek guided us into Tibetan Buddhism’s nocturnal path of lucid dreaming and other dimensions of sleeping consciousness. Now, with Dreams of Light, he offers us an in-depth, step-by-step guide to its daytime practices.

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Upcoming Events

Experience Andrew’s teaching in person. Whether its a weekend or week-long retreat, Andrew brings his unique perspective and personality to his Dream Yoga or Death & Dying sessions.  His teachings range from introductory to a high level, in-depth advanced approach.


fri14augAll Dayfri21CancelledGraceful Entry:Cancelled due to COVID(All Day) MST Shambhala Mountain Center, 151 Shambhala Way, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545 Event Organized By: Shambhala Mountain Center


fri04sepAll Daymon07ONLINE ● Graceful Exit: Preparing for a Good Death(All Day) EST Yogaville, 108 Yogaville Way Buckingham VA 23921 Event Organized By: Yogaville


fri02octAll Daysun04CancelledLucid Dream YogaCancelled due to COVID(All Day) MDT Shambhala Mountain Center, 151 Shambhala Way, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545 Event Organized By: Shambhala Mountain Center

sun25octAll Daysat31Moved OnlineONLINE ● Dream Yoga Retreat Sedona: Going DeeperThe Fourth Annual Sedona Mago RetreatTo be moved online, details to follow.(All Day) Sedona Mago Retreat Center, 3500 E Bill Gray Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336

Lucid Dreaming
Dream Yoga

Lucid dreaming and dream yoga is: first you learn how to remember your dreams; then you learn how to wake up in them; then you train your mind in the dream; then you learn how to stay awake in dreamless sleep.

Preparing for a Good Death

Death is not the end. It’s just the end of one lifetime in a endless play of life and death. We can make rapid spiritual progress and directly influence where we will take rebirth.

Coronavirus and Suicide

In this time of COVID-19, you are not alone if you’re feeling anxious, stressed, depressed and even suicidal.  Psychologists are...

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Guest Interviews

Andrew is fortunate to be able to interview some of the best and brightest minds in their fields. He utilizes some of his many connections he has around the world with spiritual teachers, scientists, scholars, and experts to offer you the latest discussions on Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga. 

Interview with Philosopher Zak Stein

Interview with Philosopher Zak Stein

Night Club Podcast | Lucid Dreaming & Dream Yoga · Interview with Zak Stein | Night Club Podcast Join Andrew and philosopher Zak Stein in an eye-opening and heartfelt look at COVID-19 and how it is changing the world. The virus has stopped economic growth dead in...

Interview with Dr. Ben Williams

Interview with Dr. Ben Williams

See why Professor Ben Williams is a brilliant light in the yogic and intellectual traditions. Join Andrew and Ben Williams for a dazzling overview of the main schools of Hinduism, emphasizing Advaita Vedanta, Saiva Tantra and Kashmir Saivism. Discover where the Yoga...

Interview with David Jay Brown

Interview with David Jay Brown

David Jay Brown shares some of his most transformative lucid dream experiences, and how to use lucid dreams for healing. Join Andrew and David Jay Brown for a delightful romp through a host of topics that surround lucid dreaming and altered states of consciousness....

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How to Lucid Dream

How to Lucid Dream:
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