“Death & the Art of Dying: The Blissful Pure Lands” Audio Talk One

This is the first in a series of talks on the concept of the Pure Lands in Tibetan Buddhism. It is believed that when we die, the best place we can go is a Pure Land, a magical paradise as real as Earth, yet free of suffering. Being in a Pure Land promotes rapid spiritual progress and once we are there, we are assured of attaining enlightenment and being of greater service to others. Pure land teachings from the Tibetan tradition are very rarely offered in the West. Much of the material in these talks come from interviews I did with a number of Tibetan lamas in Asia about the Pure Lands. These teachings prepare us for the best rebirth in our next life—or the next moment.

In this introduction, some of the topics covered are:

  • Why do pure land practice?
  • Where pure land teachings fit into Tibetan buddhism.
  • Difference between traditional pure land doctrine and Tibetan pure land doctrine.
  • How pure land teachings can help you in the bardos after death.
  • How pure land doctrine is connected to phowa.
  • Qualities of Sukhāvatī and how those in Sukhāvatī can help.
  • Four types of tulkus.