How to Meditate in a World of Speed and Stress

Meditation in the iGeneration Book CoverThis latest book from Andrew Holecek offers everything you need to know to start meditating. It tells you exactly what meditation is, dispels the myths of what it is not, and shows you how to find lasting peace and happiness through this miraculous practice. With warmth and gentle humor, this book on meditation provides instruction that anyone can do. Written by a teacher with forty years of experience, Meditation in the iGeneration offers priceless tips on:

What meditation is and is not

How to get started and keep it going

Making meditation part of your life

Avoiding common traps and challenges

Meditation is sweeping the globe, and causing a sensation in the scientific community. Thousands of studies are proving its benefits. What are those benefits, and why the explosive growth? How can meditation change your life? We are in the midst of a meditation revolution. Learn why, and how meditation can literally save your life.

For more about the book and the world of Mediation, visit the Meditation in the iGeneration Website!

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