Join nutritionist, yoga instructor, and breathing specialist Amanda Morley for a deep look at the power of respiration, and how to exercise coherent / resonant breathing. Breath is so central on the path that even the word “spirit” derives from a root that means “breath.” Breath is our most critical form of nutrition (you can go weeks without food, days without water, but just a few minutes without breath). Its role in preparing us for good meditation and healthy sleep is often overlooked. Ninety percent of us do not breath properly, and the consequences are far reaching. We’re breathing 70% faster than we were a hundred years ago, and rapid shallow breathing is taking a toll. Amanda brings her expertise to illuminate the many benefits breathing brings to body, mind, and spirit. How does mantra tie into breath, what is “email apnea,” and how can we practice optimal breathing? “Lucid breathing” leads to lucid living. By making this previously unconscious process more conscious, we can bring heightened lucidity and awareness to all aspects of life. This nuts-and-bolts discussion will invigorate your relationship to one of the most aspects of life.

From “I’m so grateful to have studied the inner workings of the body – to understand the fine tuning of how they function to keep us alive and well. When we understand this we learn to look after ourselves a little better and, most importantly, trust that our body will always try to work in the best way that it can.

I am also grateful to have learnt about the brain to understand why we are the way we are, how much we can get caught up in unhelpful loops due to the messages we are constantly sending to our brain. And how much these messages are influenced by our words, reactions, body and breath…More>>>

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