The Four Dharmas of Gampopa is an important set of teachings that were made available to us by the great master, Lord Gampopa. (or the man from Gampo) He was one of the great fathers of the Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and was the most famous disciple of Milarepa.  In the first part of this talk, we explore how Gampopa condensed all spiritual teachings into these four profound lines.

Grant your blessings so that my mind may be one with the dharma.
Grant your blessings so that dharma may progress along the path.
Grant your blessings so that the path may clarify confusion.

Grant your blessings so that confusion may dawn as wisdom.

In the second part, we explore The Shambhala Lineage Supplication. This chant provides the context for all the Shambhala teachings, and this chant highlights the central teachings. Shambhala is a unique blending of three Tibetan Buddhist lineages of wisdom: Dzogchen, Mahamdura, and Shambhala itself. Shambhala is unique not only in its emphasis on individual enlightenment, but on creating an enlightened society. It offers unique methods that allow one to transform everyday life into a spiritual path. In this talk, we explore Shambhala, it’s root lineages and how they combine to deliver such power and blessing.

Primordial Rigden,
All-good Samantabhadra,
Great Vajradhara;

Lotus-born Padmakara,
Wisdom Yeshe Tsogyal,
Prahevajra, Shri Simha,
Holders of the ancient Great Perfection;

Tilo, Naro, Marpa, Mila,
Siddhi-accomplishing masters of mahamudra:
Please approach and grant your blessings.

Dawa Sangpo, the other dharmarajas, and the twenty-five Rigdens,
Who guide beings to the sacred land of Shambhala,
You are the sun and moon, the wish-fulfilling jewel.
Your brilliant mind is the ornament of the world.
Protect my vajra awareness.
Grant your blessings so that I may realize great bliss-wisdom.

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