Lucid dreaming and solid advice on how to get the good sleep that supports it.

Join Andrew for this interview with Dr. Nevin Arora. Sleep specialist Dr. Nevin Arora, MD looks thoroughly at the critical importance of sleep – and how to get it.

The jury is in: the shorter you sleep, the shorter you live. You don’t snooze, you lose. Dr. Nevin Arora shares a host of tips from his clinical practice, including gems about optimal sleep hygiene, how to work with insomnia, as well as the importance of daylight and the damaging effects of artificial light.

Falling asleep requires becoming “undone,” and as “human doings” (versus human beings) in these busy times, most of us are never done – and so we struggle with sleep. Sleep is so simple it’s ironically difficult: you only have to do nothing, but you have to do it well. Which is precisely where meditation fits in, because “doing nothing well” defines meditation.

The discussion turns to the neural correlates of the dreaming brain, and the future of non-pharmacological aids that entrain sleep states. Dr. Arora offers an honest assessment of the role of sleep aids, including the place of melatonin and prescription drugs, saying that, “Band-aids only cover the problem, and hurt to rip off.”

The narrative of “reversing the problem by reversing the relationship to the problem” runs throughout this discussion, and therefore empowers individuals to take control by nurturing an appropriate relationship to sleep problems.

This is an informative interview with Dr. Nevin Arora, who is very familiar with lucid dreaming, and offers solid advice on how to get the good sleep that supports it.

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