The Exciting Future of VR, “Virtual Lucidity”, why Deepak Chopra said VR will “Change the World” and Much More!

In this interview with Jordan Quaglia, Andrew and cognitive neuroscientist Jordan Quaglia talk about their joint study on the relationship of virtual reality to lucid dreaming.

They discuss the exciting future of VR, as well as the many concerns. VR is like a stem cell, which can grow into healthy tissue (all the psychological and spiritual benefits) or a tumor (pornography and raw entertainment). VR, like lucid dreaming, can be used to develop empathy via virtual embodiment and also help us prepare for death via virtual disembodiment.

Andrew and Jordan talk about the phenomenology of non-lucidity, and how we love to be “captured” and swept away by outer displays like movies and VR, as well as the inner display of the mind itself.

They introduce the concept of “virtual lucidity” and its relationship to dream lucidity, and discuss exciting future directions for research. Plus, discover why Deepak Chopra said after his first VR experience, “This is going to change the world.” It’s all here and more in this interview with Jordan Quaglia!

To view the study Andrew and Jordan completed click here.


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