Join Andrew in this interview with Kristen LaMarca PhD. Kristen is a lucid dream therapist, as well as a clinical psychologist who is an expert in applied psychophysiology and behavioral treatments for sleep disorders, primarily insomnia and nightmares. Kristen specializes in the use of Lucid Dreaming Therapy for a wide range of psychological conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, loss and grief.

Kristen conducts research with world renowned lucid dreaming expert Stephen LaBerge on how to maximize lucid dream induction. She co-authored a study with Stephen showing that galantamine substantially increases lucid dreaming when combined with a proper mindset.

She has been a co-facilitator for Lucidity Institute’s intensive retreats since 2010, and regularly provides trainings in lucid dreaming to healthcare professionals, researchers, and the wider community.

She currently practices clinically at Lucidity Sleep & Psychiatry. She also runs a 6-week online workshop in lucid dreaming that integrates induction science with mindfulness approaches and personally-tailored coaching.

In this fascinating interview, Kristen and Andrew explore a host of topics including lucid dream nightmare therapy, sleep state misperception, imagery rehearsal therapy, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), alternative world syndrome and the importance of proper “holding environments”

Kristen also provides insights into what lucid dream therapy is and how it works. She also talks about its applications and limitations, as well as contraindications to this type of therapy.

Dr. LaMarca shares stories from her extensive experience as an elite lucid dreamer, as well as case histories from her clients. She talks about her recent scientific publications, and her long-time research with the Lucidity Institute.

She also discusses the various lucid dreaming induction techniques, such as MILD, WILD along with her own go-to techniques. She offers tips on how to handle discouragement, and how to work with insomnia.

In Andrew’s interview with Dr. LaMarca, you will quickly see why she is one of the exciting new voices in the therapeutic applications of lucid dreaming, and a premiere guide for showing people how to have lucid dreams.


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