Dream Yoga: Going Deeper

Using Nocturnal Meditations to Explore the Subtle Dimensions of Mind

A 5-Day retreat at the Beyul Retreat Center in the Frying Pan River Valley – deep in the Rocky Mountains – 1 hour from Aspen, CO.

with Andrew Holecek – Thursday, June 6th – Monday, June 10th, 2024

This program delves into advanced techniques for inner dream yoga induction, explores subtle daily meditation practices, and provides a comprehensive approach to grasping non-lucidity and lucidity.

Immerse yourself in this enriching experience amidst the stunning backdrop of the Colorado mountains.

Curious about how the “awakened ones” perceive the world and what sparks their awakening?

Interested in co-creating your reality and breaking free from non-lucidity, both day and night?

Fascinated by the relationship between dream and waking realities and its real-life implications?

Contemplating achieving complete lucidity in sleep yoga and the obstacles on your path to self-awareness and enlightenment?

At this 5-day Lucid Dream Yoga retreat, experience the mountain wilderness, savor healthy meals, and meet like-minded people while you learn a totally new relationship to sleep and dreams.

Overview of the Program

“Andrew is an excellent teacher; the group was so kind and lovely, the setting was so beautiful and special, and the Beyul staff clearly worked hard to make it a unique space. I was very moved by the thoughtful intention they put into all aspects of the retreat space.”  –  2022 Survey Feedback

“You will leave feeling inspired, peaceful, and with the clarity of present-moment awareness”  –  2022 Survey Feedback

“The retreat environment created at Beyul was welcoming and beautiful. It created a place of safety and enrichment where I could relax and be open to the content being presented: a completely immersive experience.”  –  2022 Survey Feedback

In this unique program, you’ll join Andrew on a journey into profound nocturnal practices. Together, we’ll explore how the “awakened ones” perceive the world, what triggers their awakening, and what they awaken to. This program is your chance to deeply engage with the concept of co-creating your own reality and breaking free from non-lucidity, day and night. We’ll also delve into the intriguing idea of viewing the world as a dream, all in the pursuit of enlightenment.

From accessible elements to esoteric realms, theory to practice, and the scientific to the spiritual, this program blends ancient Eastern wisdom with modern Western knowledge to uncover the mysteries of the night and the wonders of your own mind.

Key Topics We’ll Explore Together:

  • We’ll examine the illusory nature of reality, with scientific insights that you can grasp.
  • Together, we’ll trace the origins of non-lucidity, both in historical context and your personal experience.
  • You’ll investigate the intriguing relationship between the nature of dream reality and waking reality.
  • We’ll understand emptiness as the fundamental aspect of dream yoga, a concept that you’ll grasp thoroughly.
  • You’ll recognize the limitations of a wake-centric perspective and expand your horizons.
  • Together, we’ll explore the spectrum of the mind and identity.
  • Delve into advanced methods for inducing lucid dreams, as you unlock the secrets of your dream world.
  • Navigate the various stages of dream yoga and experience your progress.
  • Learn how to attain complete lucidity in the practice of sleep yoga, achieving a profound level of self-awareness.
  • We’ll unravel the process of projecting your reality, a captivating journey you’re invited to join.
  • Embark on your inner yogic journey, discovering the lucid body within yourself.
  • Together, we’ll overcome the obstacles that might hinder your path to lucidity.
  • Explore the boundaries between day and night, life and death, and inner and outer experiences, making these profound concepts personally meaningful.

Note: all registration and accommodations are being handled by the Beyul Retreat. If you have any questions about these or the facility, please contact the retreat at (970) 927-4188 or hello@beyulretreat.com

Why I Teach About  Dream Yoga – Andrew Holecek

I’ve been studying and practicing these nocturnal meditations for nearly forty years, working directly with some of the greatest masters in Tibetan Buddhism, where these meditations have been taught for centuries. I didn’t teach or write about lucid dreaming and dream yoga for several decades, because the material seemed too subtle and difficult. But with the advent of many sophisticated Western induction methods, and the publication of a host of books on the topic that seemed to pave the way, I thought it was time to share what I have been so blessed to receive.
These practices have changed my life. I continue to work with them every single night, and they continue to transform me in ways I could never have imagined. Because they work with such deep levels of mind and heart, the tectonic plates of our experience, their transformative potential is breathtaking. What you do “down there” has a tremendous effect on what happens “up here.” Also, learning how to incubate dreams has given me a source of insight I could never have dreamt of (pardon the pun). Learning how to be a surrogate dreamer, and have insightful dreams for others, has shown me how to use the night to benefit others.

The Effect of these Practices is Profound

But the real inspiration behind sharing this material is to show you how these practices are not limited to what happens in the night. They affect everything. My daytime life has been radically transformed by these nighttime activities. It really is true: lucid dreaming leads to lucid living; waking up to your dreams shows you how to wake up to your life. For me it’s been a total game changer. It’s like I’ve been sitting on top of this vast reservoir of natural resources, this tremendous inner wisdom that was previously untapped. What a waste!
These practices have shown me how to tap into these deep natural resources, and how to bring them to the surface of my life. It’s because of this direct personal experience, supported by extensive study at the feet of the greatest masters, that I have the confidence, and the genuine inspiration, to share this treasure trove of teachings with you. There’s an entire world waiting for you in the stillness of the night, a world beyond your imagination. And once you discover it, you will never be the same.

And Fun!

“Once-in-a-lifetime experience with a master teacher in the pristine setting of this “hidden land,” Beyul.”  –  2022 Survey Feedback

Finally, not only are these nocturnal practices profound, they’re also really fun! When I wake up in a dream, I’ll often start my dream yoga practice with a few minutes of (mindful) indulgence. I’ll just have a blast, flying around, doing things I just can’t do in waking reality, and then finally settle down to go to work in the classroom of the night. If I don’t have fun doing lucid dreaming, I won’t do it.

So I want you to join me in exploring the deeper aspects of Dream Yoga, and realize the remarkable implications and applications of where Dream Yoga can take you. Because these practices have done so much for me, I now want to share them with you.

Note: all registration and accommodations are being handled by the Beyul Retreat. If you have any questions about these or the facility, please contact the retreat at (970) 927-4188 or hello@beyulretreat.com

Beyul Staff Contributors

Reuben Sadowsky

Beyul Co-founder & Head of Sales & Programming - Morning Vitality Flow & Lucid Dreaming Instructor

Reuben is a long-time Lucid Dreamer and student of Andrew Holecek and will be assisting in teaching basic lucid dream induction techniques from eastern and western schools of thought and some of the science of sleep, dreaming, and lucid dreaming. Reuben will also teach an invigorating Morning Vitality Flow class to help Dream Yoga participants find energy, balance, room for more breath, and a connection between waking and dreaming consciousness. It includes elements distilled from Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tibetan Yoga, Vajrayana Buddhism, Tuumo Breathing, dream induction visualizations, and more!

Abby Stern

Beyul Co-founder & General Manager - Morning Vitality Flow Instructor

Abby will also be teaching as part of the Morning Vitality Flow class. She is a 500 RYT trained yoga and meditation instructor who leads weekly classes at Beyul. Abby’s yoga classes are an artful blend where science meets soul as she combines movement and stillness, strength and flexibility, breath and awareness, meditation and presence. Abby is dedicated to building community that is focused around environmental, social and interpersonal wellness. She is also a graduate of the University of Santa Monica’s Soul-Centered Living course and utilizes the practices of spiritual psychology in her facilitation.

Daily Schedule

“All of it was wonderful; the staff was friendly and welcoming.”  –  2022 Survey Feedback

The evening sessions will be after dinner and will be more for Q&A, sky gazing practice, and some lucid dream induction techniques. Because the setting at the Beyul Retreat Center is so spectacular, we will be spending a lot of time outdoors. We will have “aimless wandering” meditation sessions outside. We will also offer plenty of break time to enjoy the beauty of the natural setting.
Thursday – Arrival Day, opening session that evening from 8-9 pm.
Friday – Sunday Schedule:
  • 7:00 to 8:30: Morning Vitality Flow: Alternating between yoga offered by Abby and elements from Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tibetan Yoga, Vajrayana Buddhism, Tuumo Breathing, dream induction visualizations, offered by Reuben
  • 8:30 to 9:30: Breakfast
  • 9:30 – 12:30: A morning session with Andrew
  • 12:30 to 1:00: Lunch
  • 1:00 to 3:30: Free time
  • 3:30 – 6:00: Afternoon session with Andrew
  • 6:30 – 7:30: Dinner
  • 7:30 – 9:00: An evening session with Andrew.
Monday – Departure Day, a non-mandatory closing session that morning from 10 to 2:30.

The Benefit of a Secluded Location

The beautiful and secluded nature of the Beyul Retreat Center also creates a powerful container which assists in helping you to explore these deep and subtle practices.

An Inspiring Group of Like-Minded Practitioners

The select nature of the attendees will provide you with the inspiring support of a community of motivated practitioners. We will strengthen our connection with ourselves and each other, with time for enjoying nature, deep rest, and practice in this beautiful setting.

“The practitioner merges with the sound of water to open subtle energy currents within his inner yogic body. When these energies are unified and circulated . . . the chakras open like petals of a lotus and previously hidden dimensions of awareness arise in one’s mindstream.”  –  The Dalai Lama

Note: all registration and accommodations are being handled by the Beyul Retreat. If you have any questions about these or the facility, please contact the retreat at (970) 927-4188 or hello@beyulretreat.com


Are There Any Prerequisites?

The only prerequisite is that you have either attended one of my earlier lucid dreaming/dream yoga programs, or already have knowledge about the basics of lucid dreaming. This program discusses the more advanced inner yoga induction methods, subtle daily meditations, and an integral approach to understanding non-lucidity and lucidity. If you’re looking for an introduction to lucid dreaming or dream yoga, this course is not for you.

Although there are no prerequisites or reading assignments required for attending this program, for those that are interested, there are several resources:

Andrew’s Books:

Or his 6 hour audio program, Dream Yoga: The Tibetan Path of Awakening Through Lucid Dreaming.

Reading List:

Any Suggestions On Initiating Lucid Dreams?
Start with Strong Motivation and Intention
Motivation creates momentum that carries into the dream world. It’s as if you are “seeding” the lucid dream, a technique that is basic to any level of dream induction or incubation.

Intent comes from roots that mean “to stretch toward” (in- ‘towards’ and tendere ‘stretch’). Dream yoga begins by stretching the mind with intention. In order to wrap your mind around the dark you have to stretch towards it. You eventually want to stretch your awareness into previously unconscious states of mind, and the warmup for that elongation begins with your intent. Stretching in this intentional way therefore begins to expand your mind.

Have you ever had to get up early and not had an alarm clock? By setting a strong intention to get up at a certain time we often wake up at that time despite not having an alarm. In the same way we can set an internal alarm to wake us up within a dream by setting a strong intention.

Say It Out LoudTo actually practice intention, say to yourself throughout the day “Tonight I will remember my dreams. I will have many dreams. I will have good dreams. I will wake up within my dreams.” Don’t just mouth the words. Mean it. Really meaning it expresses that intent. You also strengthen the intention by saying it out loud. As you’re lying down in bed, ramp up your intent, like a sprint to the finish line.

Strong intention has a connection to the power of hypnosis, which can be effective in lucid dream induction. Saying to yourself that you will have lucid dreams etc. can be viewed as a form of autosuggestion, or self-hypnosis.

Soak in The Material
Studying the view behind lucid dreaming and dream yoga strengthens this intent. Other expressions of intent come from reading books, taking courses, and basically spending as much time as you can with this material. When Stephen LaBerge was doing his PhD dissertation on lucid dreaming he was soaking in this material and had lucid dreams almost every night. My own work in writing my soon to be released dream yoga book echoes this phenomenon. Plant lots of seeds and you’ll harvest lots of plants. Do not underestimate the power of intent. Dream researchers Robert Price and David Cohen write, “Lucid dreaming appears to be an experience widely available to the highly motivated.”

There are a number of good resources; we have provided a reading list in the above FAQ.

Any Procedures to Improve Dream Recall?
Good Dream Recall: No dreams, No Dream Yoga

Good dream recall is essential. Even though we have at least six dreams each night, many people don’t remember them. LaBerge says that until you can remember at least two dreams each night it’s better not to even try the lucidity techniques.

Good dream recall begins with your attitude. Value your dreams, and then plant the seeds for better recall. If you make your dreams important, they will come to you more frequently. As dream researcher Patricia Garfield says, “Those who do not “believe in” dreams or who believe them to be nonsense do not remember their dreams or have only nonsensical ones. Dreams are what you make of them. Dream states respond to waking attitudes.”  Tell yourself that you will remember your dreams. Get plenty of sleep, and allow yourself to sleep in. The fun part of dream yoga is giving yourself permission to languish in bed.

Start a Dream Journal
Dream journaling, or a dream diary, really helps. Getting a dream journal sets the intention that you’re taking this seriously. You’re putting your money where your mouth is. Anthropologist T.M. Luhrmann writes, “Many years ago, I joined a group that decided that we would write down our dreams. And my dream life changed. I seemed to dream more. I remembered more detail. I sometimes had dreams of mythic intensity.”

If you have a hard time remembering dreams it helps to write down any snippet of any dream you can remember. When you wake up, ask yourself “Was I dreaming?” Close your eyes and try to go back in to recapture any part of the dream.

Don’t Move
Moving as you are waking up from sleep engages waking consciousness and pulls you out of the dream world. If you’ve already moved and think you did have a dream, return to the position you were in when you first woke up. Memories are lodged in our bodies. I have often recaptured a dream by returning to the position I was in when I had it.

Make Use of “Primetime Dreamtime”
To most effectively learn lucid dreaming, it helps to understand and take advantage of our sleep cycles. There are times when it’s best not to disturb sleep, and other times when we can make use of a sleep cycle to trigger lucid dreams.

There are two main kinds of sleep, non-REM and REM sleep. REM sleep, which accounts for 25% of sleep, is associated with rapid eye movement (REM), muscle twitches, sleep paralysis, an active brain, and dreaming.

The first REM period of the night is short, about five to ten minutes. This is why we rarely remember dreams from the early part of the night. If we have a non-REM dream, it tends to be less intense and emotional, often just a recollection of events from the day. As the night progresses, REM periods increase, and non-REM periods decrease. The first half of the night is mostly non-REM, and the second half transitions into mostly REM.

Just before awakening we can be in REM sleep for 45 minutes to an hour, which is why we mostly remember our morning dreams. This is primetime dreamtime. On the weekends you can practice this by setting an alarm to wake up about two hours before you normally would, then stay up for fifteen minutes or so, and then going back to sleep. This will greatly increase the likelihood that you will remember a dream. With these tips it’s easy to start remembering your dreams.

May my spouse/partner/friend join me but not attend the dream yoga program?

Yes, we have a spouse/partner rate option under the double occupancy registration. This includes all room and food. They are welcome to join us.

What gear and clothing should I bring?
  • Small blanket to use on meditation cushion or chair for comfort.
  • Notebook & pen.
  • Casual outdoor clothing and footwear.
  • Layering is the key to dressing in the mountains to allow you to adjust to the changing temperatures throughout the day and night.
  • A windproof and waterproof jacket
  • Bathing suit, flip flops, and a robe for the hot tub and sauna.
  • Sunscreen and a hat. Even when the temperature is mild, the rays of the sun at our elevation are intense.
  • Bug spray.
  • Day pack for hikes and on-foot exploration, to carry your extra clothes, food and water
  • Water bottle. You will want to stay hydrated, as the retreat center is at 8500 feet. You want to take it easy the first few days as well to avoid altitude sickness.
Is there WIFI?

Yes, the retreat center has satellite internet in the Main Lodge. However, there is no internet access in the cabins. 

Where is the retreat center located?
Beyul is nestled in the Frying Pan River Valley deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains – 1 hour from Aspen, CO.

Driving Directions From Basalt.
Head east on Midland Avenue. At the edge of town, it turns into Frying Pan Road; keep going. Continue past Ruedi Reservoir, through the towns of Meredith and Thomasville. At mile marker 26, starting looking for a large ranch gate on the right with a sign for Beyul. This is our driveway.

Driving from I-70.
Exit I-70 onto Highway 82 at Glenwood Springs going towards Aspen. Drive 23 miles on Highway 82 and turn left onto Basalt Ave. At the roundabout take the third exit onto Emma Rd. Turn right onto Midland Ave, Continue onto Frying Pan Rd until Mile 26. Turn right to enter Beyul Retreat.

What is the refund policy?
All registrations are handled by the Beyul Retreat Center.
No refunds after 30 days.
We reserve the right to cancel the program at any time. If we cancel a program, you will receive a full refund.
Travel insurance is recommended.
Payment up front but if you want to pay in installments please contact us
Who should I contact if I have questions?
For questions concerning the retreat content, write to andrew@andrewholecek.com.

If you have any questions about the the facility, food service, or other logistics, please contact the retreat center at (970) 927-4188 or hello@beyulretreat.com.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Space for this exciting retreat is limited.

Details and Registration
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