SOLD OUT -Exploring the Nature of Mind

A 7-day Baja Beachfront Retreat - At Prana Del Mar Mexico December 2 - 9, 2023

The Deepest Offerings from the Wisdom Traditions

Leave your stressful life behind and let the natural beauty of a stunningly beautiful beachfront retreat & wellness center at the southern tip of Baja Mexico settle your mind and open your heart.

At this Exploring the Nature of Mind week-long retreat, soak up the sun, savor the natural foods, and meet like-minded people while you learn about some of the deepest offerings from the wisdom traditions.

Overview of the Program

Prana Del Mar 2023 will answer these core questions: if the nature of mind is indeed natural, how did we lose it? Where did we go astray? And what do we need to do (and stop doing) to find it? 
In addition to stabilizing the main points and practices from last year (which will be summarized for new participants), this program will focus on describing, and then experiencing, the irreducible mind: the union of luminosity and emptiness. What, exactly, is emptiness ­­­­– the heart of Buddhism? Why is it so important? How can I experience it? How does it relate to death?   
Emptiness is inseparable from luminosity. What is this light of the mind? How does it relate to the clear-light mind? And how do I experience that? We’ll explore the role of luminosity in the creation of manifest reality, and how too much luminosity generates samsara. The world is made of frozen light – what does that really mean, and how I can work with this light? How does luminosity relate to birth?
Emptiness is related to wisdom, the feminine principle, and the path of freedom; luminosity is related to compassion, the masculine principle, and the path of fullness. How to we practice both paths simultaneously? Where does the archetype of intercourse and sexuality fit in?
We’ll enhance our understanding and experience of the power of self-inquiry, and analytic meditation, to lead us to these truths. The path of devotion, and the universal power of love, will be explored – and practiced. We’ll engage in breath work to “force” space/emptiness into the body-mind, and add more instantaneous methods for cutting through confusion.  

Some Topics We Will Explore: 

  • The divine play of the cosmos
  • The relationship of emptiness to ecology and dependent origination
  • Sutra and tantra approaches to luminosity and emptiness
  • The origin of samsara from the tantric perspective
  • The relationship of luminosity and emptiness to light and space
  • Contemplations on the nature of mind
  • Thought experiments and dream experiments
  • Meditations that reveal nonduality
  • The deconstruction of samsara
  • Contraction and expansion as the combustion cycle of the path
  • The relationship of light to matter and appearances
  • Patriarchy as the archetype of samsara
  • Fear of truth, and how to work with it
  • Shadow work and re-owning the primordial projection
  • Our love-hate relationship to the Beloved
  • The “equation of reality” and how to solve it
  • How to use dreams to study luminosity and emptiness
  • How “wind” creates samsara, and can be harnessed to reveal nirvana

Fully Exploring the Natural Beauty and Teaching Inherent in the Setting

The power of nature in Prana Del Mar is so impactful that it can stun the conceptual mind into silence, bring you to your (nonconceptual) senses, and wake you up. Leave your stressful life behind and let the natural beauty of a beachfront retreat and wellness center settle your mind and open your heart.
The retreat will include nature of mind meditations, Mahamudra investigations, and other nondual practices, as well as optional yoga. In addition to a progression of advanced practices held indoors, we will do extensive “aimless wandering” along the magnificent surf and beach, inviting the symbolic guru of the phenomenal world to teach us.

Using the tenets of the ancient Kalachakra Tantra, conjoined with modern Deep Ecology and Ecopsychology, we will use the principles of “nature dharma” (ri-chö inTibetan) to teach us. We’ll engage nature to invoke the recognition of the natural state within.

Mixing mind with space-awareness is a central narrative of this program and will be explored with Dzogchen sky gazing and star gazing practice (on a roof top far removed from any light pollution). The Great Outdoors will open the sense gates to the Great Indoors, until we discover the ultimate nonduality of inner and outer.

The Benefit of a Secluded Location

The beautiful and secluded nature of the retreat center also creates a powerful container which assists in helping you to explore these deep and subtle practices.

An Inspiring Group of Like-Minded Practitioners

The select nature of the attendees will provide you with the inspiring support of a community of motivated practitioners. We will strengthen our connection with ourselves and each other, with time for enjoying nature, deep rest, and practice in this beautiful setting.

“The practitioner merges with the sound of water to open subtle energy currents within his inner yogic body. When these energies are unified and circulated . . . the chakras open like petals of a lotus and previously hidden dimensions of awareness arise in one’s mindstream.”  –  The Dalai Lama

Join Us for a Remarkable Experience