There are a number of chants that are recited in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. These offer a rich condensation of the essential teachings of Buddhism.  The liturgies themselves are dense, and are designed to remind the student of the most important teachings of the spiritual path.
By reciting them daily, the student is repeatedly exposed to the central messages Buddhism.  The scope of these chants is vast, and the material unpacked in these talks cover a wide array of topics — from emptiness, devotion, lineage, mahamudra, meditation, supplication etc.
This is the first in a series of talks I put together on the morning chants.This first talk is about setting the View. This concept of View is very important in our tradition. It denotes a sense of vision- of where we are going. In fact Right View is the first of the Eight Fold Noble path in Buddhism.In these talks, I strive to make these daunting liturgies accessible.
Through lecture and discussion with those attending these talks, I bring these ancient liturgies into our modern lives, and reveal their power and profundity.  Even if you never recite these chants, the teachings they embody are a treasure trove of wisdom.

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