Dream Yoga In Depth Audio Course

by | Dream Yoga

If you are looking for a thorough introduction to the night time practice of dream yoga, Andrew produced a dream yoga in depth audio course with Sounds True titled Dream Yoga: The Tibetan Path of Awakening Through Lucid Dreaming.

Dream Yoga In Depth Audio Course

Dream Yoga CD

This 6 hour and 42 minute dream yoga audio program combines modern science and Tibetan wisdom to guide you through lucid dreaming methods, from beginning to advanced.

To have a lucid dream simply means that you become aware in the dream that you are dreaming. This happens to most people at some point in their life and yet they are not aware that this is an experience that they can train themselves to have.

Through this program, Andrew guides listeners through not only lucid dream induction techniques, but also introduce them to the profound, yet infrequently taught practice of dream yoga. The Tibetans practiced dream yoga as a way to explore the deepest dimensions of consciousness.

Dream yoga offers anyone the opportunity to “wake up” in your dreams and in your life. Can anyone awaken in their dreams and explore their true depths? For decades, Andrew has launched spiritual oneironauts (dream travelers) from all backgrounds and beliefs into the magical world of the nocturnal meditations, even those who have never meditated or had a lucid dream. This dream yoga in depth audio course brings the best from modern science and Tibetan wisdom to teach you how to explore on your own these amazing and transformative night time practices.

Session One: Waking Up from the Dream

  • Introduction
  • An adventure in consciousness
  • What’s possible in the night
  • The product of ignorance
  • Becoming fearless in the dark
  • The science of sleep
  • Sleep stages and cycles
  • The psyche and substrate mind
  • The clear light mind

Session Two: Lucid Dream Induction Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Samsaric dreams and dreams of clarity
  • Clear light dreams
  • Other types of dreams
  • The lucid dream
  • Induction techniques
  • Building dream recall and developing a strong motivation
  • Daytime techniques
  • Working with dream signs
  • Nighttime techniques

Session Three: Dream Yoga Induction Techniques

  • Introduction
  • The power of wind
  • The power of visualization
  • Inner yoga instructions
  • The “magic” of induction techniques
  • The practice of napping
  • Mindfulness meditation and dream yoga
  • Patience on the path
  • Understanding shamatha practice

Session Four: Meditation Instruction

  • Introduction
  • The universal process
  • The three phases of meditation
  • Taking your posture
  • Experiencing breath and mind
  • Recognizing non-lucidity
  • Lying down practice
  • Insider and outsider
  • Lotus descent visualization

Session Five: Dream Yoga and Illusory Form

  • Introduction
  • Differences between lucid dreaming and dream yoga
  • A fundamental question
  • A crash course in Buddhism
  • Solid, lasting and independent
  • The irreducible instruction of the Buddha
  • The world of illusory form
  • The irony of awakening
  • Working with fear
  • Illusory body practice
  • Illusory speech and mind practice
  • The fruition of illusory form

Session Six: The Fruition of Nighttime Practices

  • Introduction
  • Using the dark to lead you to light
  • The nature of dream yoga
  • The beginning stages of dream yoga
  • Advanced stages of dream yoga
  • From obstacles to opportunities
  • Tips and tricks for nighttime practice
  • The benefits of practice
  • Our common clear light mind