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April 2017

Here’s an interview I did with Tricycle Magazine, introducing the new Dream Yoga online course that begins May 8th. Lauren Krauze, who conducted the interview, asked some good questions. I’m happy with this online program, which is directed more towards a Buddhist audience. We had a chance to go deeper into the nocturnal practices, exploring many of the more subtle aspects.

In an interview with Lauren Krause of Trike Daily, Andrew Holecek explains how tapping into our lucid dreams can help us better understand—and even enhance—our waking life.

Some nights, after we close our eyes, we soar over vast, moonlit deserts or tiptoe through strange city streets slickened with ice. Other evenings, we find ourselves sitting on a creaky dock, bare feet suspended over a murky pond, chatting with former lovers, childhood friends, or deceased grandparents.

Read the entire interview>>>

Here’s the link to the course itself, with a free extensive preview. Save $25 with coupon code: AH17

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