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Meditation in the iGeneration

How to Meditate in a World of Speed and Stress This latest book from Andrew Holecek offers everything you need to know to start meditating. It tells you exactly what meditation is, dispels the myths of what it is not, and shows you how to find lasting peace and happiness through this miraculous practice. With warmth and gentle humor, this book on meditation provides instruction that anyone can … [Read More...]

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The Good Death

The Good Death: A Tricycle Podcast

In this podcast, titled "The Good Death", I had the wonderful opportunity to talk about death and dying with Helen Tworkov, the founder of Tricycle Magazine. In the hands of a skilled … [Read More...]

Secular Buddhist

Meditation in the Digital Age: The Secular Buddhist Podcast

I had the pleasure of participating in a recent The Secular Buddhist podcast with Ted Meissner, the Executive Director of the Secular Buddhist Association.  We spoke of meditation in the … [Read More...]

Lucid Dreaming

My Podcast on Lucid Dreaming

I had the pleasure recently to create this podcast with Jay at Lucid Sage, a website devoted to lucid dreaming, we cover a variety of topics dealing with dream yoga, sleep yoga, and of … [Read More...]

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“Translation and Transmission”: The Premiere Event for Tibetan Buddhism in the West

I recently attended the “Translation and Transmission” conference put on by the Tsadra Foundation, a marvelous organization founded by Eric Colombel. I’ve attended hundreds of … [Read More...]


Relating to Suicide from a Buddhist Perspective.

The shocking death of Robin Williams brings up the difficult topic of suicide, and in his case, the depression that triggered it. These are complex issues. Biological, … [Read More...]

moonlit night

Is There a Dark Side to Meditation?

The recent article in The Atlantic by Tomas Rocha, “The Dark Knight of the Soul,” brings up a much neglected but very important topic around a dark side to meditation. With … [Read More...]

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Buddhadharma Magazine Cover

Just When You Think You’re Enlightened

Buddhadharma Magazine May 13, 2014 Andrew is a featured guest contributor in the Summer 2014 edition of Buddhadharma Magazine. In this article, Andrew writes that temporary experiences such as flashes of bliss or clarity can be encouraging moments in your practice, but only if you know how to handle them. If you don’t, beware. They can be traps. "Sooner or later it’s going to happen— it might be the very first time you meditate or only … [Read More...]

Buddhadharma Fall 2013

Excerpt from Preparing to Die

Buddhadharma Magazine August 20, 2013 Andrew's latest book, Preparing to Die is featured in Buddhadharma Magazine.  This book will help you prepare, and show you how to transform the greatest obstacle in life, death, into the greatest opportunity. Read the full excerpt at Buddhadharma here.. Or download the entire excerpt in pdf form... More about "Preparing to Die"... … [Read More...]

Buddhadharma magazine

Forum: Heal the Self, Free the Self

Buddhadharma Magazine May 13, 2012 Andrew joins Jennifer Lauck, who practices Tibetan Buddhism in the Nyingma tradition and is the author of four memoirs, including the New York Times bestseller Blackbird; John Welwood, a psychotherapist who leads workshops on the integration of psychological and spiritual work; and Grace Schireson,  a clinical psychologist and dharma teacher in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, in a forum discussion on … [Read More...]

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