Advanced Dream Yoga Sedona AZ
A 4 Day Retreat

Wednesday, November 15 to Sunday, November 19 - Sedona Mago Retreat

A 4-Day Sedona Retreat

Leave your stressful life behind and let the natural beauty of the Sedona desert settle your mind and open your heart. Soak up the sun, savor the natural foods, and meet like-minded people while you learn about the deeper aspects of the nocturnal meditations.

With talks, meditations, visualization exercises, discussion groups, and fascinating videos on perception, we will explore the nature of mind and reality using the medium of sleep and dream.

The illusory nature of reality will be pointed out, and supported by data from neuroscience, physics, developmental psychology, and cognitive science.

You will come out of this program with a totally new relationship to sleep and dream, and learn how you can use every night for psychological and spiritual growth.

This 4 day retreat starts at $940 including accommodations and meals.

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Sleep Yoga Andrew Holecek

Overview of the Program

How do the “awakened ones” see the world? What do they wake up from, and what do they wake up to? How do we co-create our reality? How can we free ourselves and others from the trap of diurnal and nocturnal non-lucidity? What does it mean to see the world as a dream – and how do we attain that awakening? From the exoteric to the esoteric, from theory to practice, from science to spirituality, this program draws on the ancient wisdom of the East and the modern knowledge of the West to penetrate the mysteries of the night — and the wonders of the mind.

Some Topics We Will Cover

  • The illusory nature of reality, and the science that supports it.
  • The origins of non-lucidity, historical and personal.
  • The nature of dreaming reality and its relation to waking reality.
  • Mind beyond body.
  • The limitations of wake-centricity.
  • The spectrum of mind and identity.
  • Advanced induction methods.
  • The nine stages of dream yoga.
  • How to achieve the full lucidity of sleep yoga.
  • How we project our world – the eight consciousnesses.
  • The inner yogas.
  • Removing obstacles to lucidity.
  • Mixing day and night, life and death.

Who Should Attend?

This advanced program on the nocturnal meditations assumes participants have either attended one of my earlier lucid dreaming/dream yoga programs, or already have knowledge about the basics of lucid dreaming. This program discusses the more advanced inner yoga induction methods, subtle daily meditations, and an integral approach to understanding non-lucidity and lucidity. If you have questions about attendance, write to me at [email protected].

This program is for those drawn to Buddhist practice, and a deeper understanding of the subtle dimensions of mind. It’s for anyone wanting to make better use of the twenty-four hours of each day, and for those wondering what happens when they sleep and dream. It’s for intrepid pioneers interested in exploring the frontiers of consciousness, the creative powers of the mind, or those who want to prepare for death.

Retreat Details

Check-in starts at 4 pm on Wednesday November 15th.  The program begins with dinner at 5:30 pm and ends after breakfast on Sunday November 19th. Arrive early enough Wednesday so that you can have dinner and settle into your room. If you are checking-in after 7:30 pm, please call the Welcome Center at 928.204.3391 to make arrangements for a late check-in.

If you are arriving after 6:00 pm, please eat before your arrival. Please be aware that Sedona Mago is located 30 min away from restaurants and there are no meal options after 7:00 pm

Check-out is at 12:00 noon. Participants are welcome to stay on the property until 5 pm and store their luggage at the Welcome Center. If you require a later checkout time, contact the Welcome Center.

The retreat includes three healthy, delicious meals daily. Meals are pesco-vegetarian (fish and dairy are included) and served buffet style. A mini-refrigerator is provided in each room and a microwave and ice maker is available onsite. Sedona Mago Retreat is an alcohol-free, smoke-free, and meat-free facility.

The schedule will include ample free time for relaxation, hiking, swimming, and to enjoy local options, such as Sedona’s art galleries, wineries, spas, and natural beauty. The retreat’s pool and Jacuzzi are open year round so do bring your swimsuit. Coin-operated washers and dryers are available and they supply pool towels.

The cell phone carrier with the strongest reception is Verizon Wireless; all other carriers have medium to minimal reception.  There is a public phone that dials out locally and phone cards are available for purchase at the Welcome Center.

Wi-Fi is available in the lounge and training rooms.

Available Accomodations


Your accommodations are casitas which feature two full-sized beds, a table with chairs, refrigerator, dresser, and a full bathroom, supplied with towels and soap, shampoo and conditioner. Hair dryers and alarm clocks are not supplied, but may be available at the Welcome Center. The rooms do not have televisions or phones.


About Sedona and the Sedona Mago Retreat Center

Sedona is an Arizona desert town near Flagstaff that’s surrounded by red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests. USA Weekend recently rated Sedona as number one on its Most Beautiful Places in America list. Known for its mild climate and regarded by Native Americans as sacred, Sedona continues to be recognized as a place of healing and spiritual renewal. Visitors are drawn by the many art galleries, the recent addition of wineries and the energy vortexes that are believed to be part of the magical nature of Sedona. It is said that of the Earth’s 21 known vortexes, five are in Sedona.

The Sedona Mago Retreat Center is located 40 minutes southwest of downtown Sedona and 2.5 hours north of Phoenix. It’s nestled among the beautiful rock formations of the Sedona area on a 163-acre stretch of land in the high Arizonan desert, 4,500-feet above sea level. The center’s amenities include an outdoor pool and jacuzzi (open year round), a beautifully landscaped lake, an organic farm, a 24 hour lounge, meditation areas and a golf shop.

More about Sedona Mago Retreat.

Pricing and Accommodations

What’s Included:

  • Accommodations 4 nights (Nov 15 – Nov 19, 2017) • Food – 3 meals per day • All program events

What’s NOT Included:

  • Not included shuttle to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport ($40.00 each way).Reservations can be made online at Arizona Shuttle. Online reservations must be made before 6:00 pm the night before travel in order to guarantee your space. Round trip fare is $142.
  • Air fare not included.

You may choose to have your own private room or a shared room. Shared rooms reflect a per person rate and private is single occupancy. If you wish to room together with a family member or friend, please select the shared room option. If you are coming alone and register for a shared room, we will assign you a roommate (of the same sex).

Total cost of program, accommodations and meals:

Private Room: $1140 ($1090 if paid in full at registration).

Shared Room: $940 ($915 if paid in full at registration).

*50% deposit required to confirm space * Final balance due Sept 10th.

Space is limited, sign up soon!

lead photo courtesy Anita Ritenour – Flickr

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