This course will explore the bardo principle and its immediate applicability to life.

Through talks, meditations, and discussion you will learn:

  • That bardos are everywhere, and why discovering this instills freedom.
  • How the small bardos of daily life prepare for the big one at the end of life.
  • Why these teachings ironically bring you more fully into life.
  • How the bardo teachings point out the illusory nature of death — the death of death.
  • Why these teachings are among the greatest gifts to humanity.
  • The meditations that directly prepare you for death.

Andrew’s Relationship to Shambhala.
With all the upheaval in the Shambhala international community, I want to clarify my history with this organization, and where I currently stand. After being involved with Shambhala for some years, I left the community in 2012. The original spirit of this tradition spoke to me, and I studied the source texts and teachings seriously. But when the Sakyong assumed leadership in the 1990’s, I found myself increasingly disenfranchised. I couldn’t relate to where the community was going, so I left to study with other teachers. I feel deeply for the wonderful students in this community, and therefore continue to teach in Shambhala centers when I am invited to do so as an independent teacher. That is the extent of my involvement. I should also note that Shambhala has been very open in attempting to heal from their upheaval, you can find out more on this page on their website.

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